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Hello, my name is Cindy Sovine. I have been a lobbyist and political consultant for over 20 years now in the bio-pharmaceutical and health-care space. I came into the cannabis space after my dads journey with lymphatic cancer to help moms with sick kids pass laws to make sure their kids have access in schools. For me I then I found my place in society, and that was helping people find alternative access to medicines that help them. I watched the traditional medical system, that I had helped build and protect all this time fail people that I love. I watched the health-care system grow to such a point where it actually prevented you from finding access to other alternative medicines that could actually help you. For me that was where the idea for Utopia was born from.

In cannabis us the quicker way to normalization is through social consumption. And to overlay social consumption over a spa lens that provides access to wellness modalities but also gives people a place to go to actually consume their product is really my goal. We’re bringing together a bunch of different healers that have that same goal and provide the services in a space that people are free to be able to use or consume without fear of going to jail, because currently laws do not allow for public social consumption. It’s something that we’re fighting to change at the state level right now!

Utopia represents exactly as it means, a place where government and society comes together to make sense. We’re bringing healers together and providing a safe place for people who are facing a diagnoses to be able to come and ask questions about cannabis and how people are treating themselves, and how to make informed decisions. As well as to have a good time, to be able to use cannabis mindfully and do ganja yoga, to do many types of activities. We have all kinds of healers, anywhere from massage therapists and reiki masters to chakra healers and we bring you together to be able to learn about these different types of modalities and how you can learn to heal yourself through using all-natural products that are available. Cannabis seems to be the bridge that are bringing people to an all-natural lifestyle. Utopia represents a place where you can do that safely and find your community and join your people who are all doing the same.

Calling All Healers

We’re looking for you!  Are you a massage therapist, reiki instructor or a healer who overlays cannabis with their healing modality?  Come and join us! Be part of our tribe to educate people and help heal people. You’ll be able to access doctors, physicians and nurses who will be able to tell you about how other patients are treating their conditions with cannabis.




A social cannabis consumption Lounge

One of a Kind Experience

Not only are we bringing together healers and giving people access to natural healing information, we are creating access to a one of a kind cannabis social use environment. Allowed through the successful passage of Denver’s Initiative 300, Utopia will provide a unique experience consumers cannot get any place else in the country. This will include access to healing services located in a one-stop-shop retail area for high quality and locally sourced natural health and beauty products and services for sustainable living.

Utopia is all about an all encompassing way of life to come into and have access to. A place to lounge and hangout with your friends while being able to access to the high quality services and treatments that you come to know and expect form the brands you love.

We also talk about sensitive conditions like mental health. We do a lot in this country for treating the body but we do very little in treating the mind. Cannabis helps treat the mind coupled with psychotherapy. We help provide access to psychotherapists and to people and individuals who are able to assist you to work through issues, with cannabis, and work with you to work through issues in a mindful way.

We’re building A Community of healers

Wellness fairs for now

We’re currently looking for a brick & mortar facility in the green zone and be want to be able to publicly advertise. But right now, because social consumption is not allowed legally you can not publicly advertise its existence. Until we get our space we’re building the healers community doing wellness fairs to be able to educate people and give them access to the information and products that they’re looking for now.

Past Events

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Social Consumption & The Social Club

Utopia plans to build a strong community empowered by wellness, education and lifestyle programs and social events. Social events on the horizon include ganja yoga, meditation, paint classes and more!

Community offerings:

· Two multi-use Cannabis consumption areas:
– Indoor/Outdoor Member Use
– Group Service Line Use

· Natural Self Care Education Courses

· Corporate Memberships aimed for Employee Engagement

· Lease for Private Events:
– Corporate Retreats
– Cooking Classes
– Non-Profit Fundraisers
–  Political Events
– Private Parties



Be part of our healing tribe

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